Who are we?
nClude is a technology company, founded with the vision of using technology to create innovative and sustainable digital solutions to the solve the most intricate challenges facing African communities.
Our vision
Connecting people.
  • To have people living in rural areas enjoy the same level of access to basic services like those who live in towns and cities.
  • To develop digital innovation that enables communication, job opportunities, access and general socio-economic benefit to ordinary people.
  • Enable rural citizens to  engage governments and access important goods and services through the power of the smart phones.
Our mission
Improving the lives of ordinary people.
  • Use technology aid the fight against poverty, inequality and poor service delivery.
  • Fundamentally make a positive difference in the lives of people in rural Africa.
  • To transfer technological skills and knowledge to rural youth, with a focus on young women.
  • To ensure that rural households are not left behind from benefiting from the 4IR´s futuristic and infinite possibilities.

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