Job creation
  • Africa ́s youth unemployment is at a staggering 52%, in some parts of rural South Africa it is even higher.
  • nClude has a special focus in creating technologies and innovative approaches that embrace and encompass youth, while offering sustainable job opportunities.
  • nClude seeks to have “chain impact” in the lives of some of the most marginalized people. Access to services and job opportunities are paramount in the socio-economic development of citizens.
Our approach
Prosperity through technology
  • The majority of governments in developing countries are unable to identify where and what type of conditions rural citizens live in. This directly translates to government institutions being unable to plan or to render effective and efficient service delivery.
  • nClude digitilises rural households and puts them on the grid and ensure that they enjoy them same level of access and possibilities as households in towns and cities.
Number of households digitalized so far:

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