We are technophobes who believe that technology has the capacity to solve any challenge.
Digital Solutions

We digitize off the grid rural households. Local and verified ambassadors collect essential data on the socio-economic and infrastructural circumstances of rural households, clinics, schools and other rural buildings. The collected data is transmitted onto app and web based “Integrated data platform of rural information” that provides analytical data that enables municipalities and other governmental service-delivery stakeholders to plan, budget and render essential service delivery efficiently.  

api integration

Entities who demonstrate impactful and innovative digital solutions can submit requests to integrate to our API. Our backend systems allow interaction between of our data, and various applications and devices. The majority of the collected data belongs to our clients and cannot be expended or shared without their permission. There are however components of our data that can be shared seamlessly with competent partners.

nClude Projects

Rural Africa digitization

In January 2020 nClude will begin digitizing 44 000 rural households in uMlalazi Municipality, South Africa and will deliver an “integrated data platform of rural information” that provides analytics of the circumstances of rural households to the Municipality Management.

KwaZulu-Natal EMS access project

nClude is developing a digital and fully integrated patient emergency request system and  a rural based navigation application to be presented  to the Department of Health in Kwa-Zulu Natal. This system enables ambulances to access all rural households and town and city based seeking emergency services. This navigations´ application functionality is integrated to the nClude API.

nClude Subsidiares

Kuloola - South Africa´s first rural online food store

Kuloola is South Africa first rural online food store that leverages the enabling power nClude API. Kuloola utilizes a navigational system that uniquely qualifies is to access all digitized locations through an application. The Kuloola application is integrated to the nClude API. Kuloola is not only a problem solving solution, but a demonstration of the enabling power of nClude Technologies.

Other services we provide

With our partners we provide a wide range of services to improve the lives of people living in rural areas of Africa. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for your business or community.

Software development
Mobile application development
Project management and fieldworker management
Online and offline digital fieldwork research and surveying
Data management, maintenance and secure storage
Mapping and geo-referencing of rural dwellings
Personalized GPS Navigation systems
GIS Shapefile creation
Personalized GPS Navigation systems
Emergency panic buttons with GPS
Digital data platforms of information
API integration
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